Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God, which continues for the rest of our lives. For all involved, it is a joyful moment when we celebrate the love God has shown us in Christ. Baptism is also a public profession of faith, during which significant promises are made. The local church, family and friends are present, promising to support and pray for the person being baptised into the future.

In the Anglican Parish of Swan Hill (Swan Hill and All Saints Nyah West)baptism takes place during the normal Sunday service of Holy Communion to affirm the fact that the person being baptised is being welcomed into the life of the Church. The main symbol used is water which is a sign of new life, cleansing and spiritual renewal. The water also reminds us of Jesus’ baptism. A lighted candle is given as a symbol of the light of Christ coming into the world and into our lives to drive away darkness. Every baptized person is called to live a life that reveals the light and love of Christ to others. Water is also used (or sometimes Holy oil) to make the sign of the cross, marking the person as ‘Christ’s own for ever’.

Families not yet ready to make the commitment of Baptism might also consider ‘A Service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child‘ which offers prayers of dedication and blessing without promises of Christian commitment.

What is Involved?

Baptism is an important commitment. We would like to meet and welcome you and your family at one of our services before the baptism.  We require families and sponsors (godparents) to prepare for Baptism by meeting for a conversation with the priest and/or another member of the parish.

For adults wishing to be baptised, this involves a series of discussion sessions usually held in conjunction with Confirmation preparation . The baptism and confirmation by the Bishop may happen in the same service.

What do I do Next?

Please contact The Rev Peter on 5032 1246 for an application form and to discuss a possible date for the baptism.

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