Celebrating James Noble

James NobleWe booked the Catalina Museum at Lake Boga for our 5th Sunday Service which was amazing foresight, as the heat of the day reached  39 degrees.  It is such a beautiful (air-conditioned) setting looking out over the Lake.  We had dedicated this service for celebrating James Noble who died on the 25th November 1941, the first Indigenous Australian to be ordained in the Church of England. We also celebrated Rev’d Robyn Davis and Ed’s Walkabout Ministry as Robyn described some of the places they visited in their 3 month trip this year.  On top of that, it was the 5th anniversary of the ordination to the diaconate of Rev’d Robyn and Rev’d Jan.



After the service we enjoyed morning tea of bush tucker; Kakadu Plum and chilli dip, Wild Lime and ginger dip, Australian Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup and Quandong chutney with dried saltbush all served on Johnny cakes and damper.  Many thanks to Rev’d Robyn for introducing us to some new culinary delights.


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  1. Robyn Davis says:

    Yahoo and hooray for James Noble who paved the way for an Indigenous voice in the church. God bless him and all who follow in his footsteps.

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