Mottos for life (and sport)

What is the prize for the Christian disciple?

Café Church this month reflected on various mottos and slogans in sport – especially Olympics and football. Then we considered some of Paul’s use of athletic images in the scriptures to encourage the Christian disciple to focus and excel in Christian life. Most people know the Scout Motto or the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, but could we come up with something to spur the Christian on?

Mottos take a few shapes. The three words in series as above is not the only shape for a motto. It can be two ideas, either parallel or contrasting (eg One Team One; Mission or such as that often used when telling the inspiring story of Kerri Strug at the 1996 Olympics – “pain is temporary, pride is forever”) An example of a longer tag line I like is “there is no traffic on the extra mile”. So here are some suggestions from the Café Church folk for us to live by:

Be Friends and love Jesus.

God’s way is the best way.

Go Forth with Courage

Praise, Pray, Proclaim.

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