Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 12th October 2018

Last Sunday many of the holidaymakers had returned to the fold and were treated to a special song from Jeannette during the Eucharist. It was complementary to the passage from the Letter of James which we have been studying with Rev. Peter for some weeks. James writes of the transience of the life cycle and our need to recognise where our true value comes from.  Compared to the rest of the world, Australians are well provided for. We should acknowledge our blessings with humility before the source of all creation.

Tonight at 7pm there will be an Awakening Australia Rally supported by the Ministers’ Fellowship as part of a non-denominational movement. The venue is The Grain Shed, with worship and a guest speaker. The recent movie night there showed the times of Paul, the Apostle of Christ. The barbaric cruelty of those times is still evident in today’s world, and we in “The Lucky Country” should not be complacent.

Revs Peter and Denis have been at Clergy Retreat this week and in Kerang on Saturday Peter and others will be attending the update of Safe Church workshops.

Next Sunday the Mothers’ Union members will be preparing pamper packs to distribute through St. Luke’s Anglicare for mothers deprived of little treats through the ongoing drought. Check the notice board for details of Bibles in the Bush weekend, Nov 2-4.

Please mark calendars for Sunday October28 at 2pm for the charity concert for fistula hospitals in Ethiopia. Musicians, adult and student will be featured and music scholarships awarded.

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