Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 5th October 2018

More than sixty people, several of the ladies wearing shawls and hats, and with gentlemen in waistcoats, filled the pews last Sunday in the Pioneer Settlement church for a non- denominational  service of Morning Prayer.

Rev’d Peter Blundell also  dressed for the occasion as a Vicar in old style “C. of E.” clergy vestments, ( all but the traditional full circle “ Dog Collar” ! ) and the old church organ provided a challenging background for the “ Golden Oldie”  hymns.

The glorious weather brought several visiting families to join with the regular Swan Hill Parish family for the service, and the Paragon Café volunteers were wonderfully calm in the face of the flood of hungry customers for lunch.

With all the varied attractions at the Swan Hill Show this weekend, it highlights how blessed we are, despite the drought situation, to still appreciate the efforts of all those on the land who bring their precious livestock and produce to us city dwellers.

We pray for rain, also for the people of Indonesia and all the aid workers involved in rescue efforts after the earthquake and tsunami.

This Sunday we will continue to explore the letter of James,  and work to be the ‘salt of the earth’ in living the gospel message.

Remember to turn clocks one hour FORWARD on Saturday night to get to church before 9.30 am on Sunday.

Pray for safe journeys for all returning holiday makers.

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