Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 21st September 2018

Last Sunday’s Café Church found a roomful of assorted AFL and local footy team supporters in their colours for the team- oriented activities.

Peter and Jeannette  drew a great response to the new choruses introduced, and the meal was a traditional Footy menu of pies and chips. There was a challenge to place names of characters from the bible on the whiteboard to set up an all- star footy team.

Some hilarious choices made sense when explained in terms of their suitability. There was a mix of both male and female across the positions on the field,  and of course the coach was Jesus. Peter spoke of the biblical parallels of encouraging team-mates and shepherding.

The Baptism of Nate earlier in the day was a special occasion, and it was lovely to welcome the four generations of the family to the Eucharist and then morning tea with a special cake, and a gift from the Mothers’ Union.

The letter of James has been the theme of the sermons this month and will continue through to mid-October.

Remember that Sunday 30th September, being a fifth Sunday, there will be one parish service, which will be in the Pioneer Settlement church at 11.00 am. We are encouraged to come in costume to set the scene and maybe encourage visitors to join in with us.  For those who wish to stay on, lunch can be purchased in the Paragon Café.

Trivia note : The strong winds over the last few days have been known as  the “Equinoxial Gales” , coinciding with the equinox on September 21/22, when the hours of daylight and dark are the same length.

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