Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 31st August 2018

Lovely to see the children at work making Fathers’ Day cards.  Do the kids also learn about Jesus teaching his followers to talk to their Father in heaven, i.e. pray?  Thanks to all Chaplains and teachers of Christian Education in our schools who bring his words of unselfish love and care.

There’s a handy saying for someone distracted by outside things causing worry.  It’s to say to the peace –breakers,  “ Go away and don’t interrupt me just now, I’m talking to my Father.”  A good prayer this weekend would be for all those who have lost a father, especially young children, or are experiencing separation  from parents of either gender.

As we begin the new month, our Rector Peter will be teaching from the letter of James, whose note to the followers was definite in his statement that Faith without Works is empty.

Not enough to eat? Don’t say “Poor things.”  Ensure that they will have food, with your practical help and prayers.  The Good Samaritan was the perfect illustration of good works when people of “Faith” walked on.  Australians in the main are generous, but there is much to be addressed by the incoming Government.

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