Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 13th April 2018

At 6.00 pm tonight there will be a meal at the Ultima Café followed by a Eucharist at Wayne and Lois’s home.

Tomorrow is only the second Saturday this month, so the Boot and Craft Sale is still another week away. However Café Church will be on again this weekend, being on the third Sunday as usual.

Come at 5.00 pm for coffee and nibbles, activities begin at 5.30pm with a family meal provided at about 6.15pm, usually finishing with a cuppa at about 7.00 pm. A donation tin will be there for any contributions towards the catering on the night. Everyone is welcome, particularly the families who as yet haven’t stopped in to be part of the experience. This week there is no service at Nyah West, so perhaps families from there may come and join in.

Last Sunday Fr Gary Fordham led the 9.30 am service in Swan Hill where many visitors were warmly welcomed. The Apostle unkindly branded as “Doubting Thomas” was featured in the Gospel reading, and people were told that there’s no ban on having doubts about the Risen Christ. In the 21st century we are expected to believe so many things that can’t be seen or verified, yet the resurrection of Jesus is so often a stumbling block to faith. Jesus said those who have not seen yet have believed are blessed.

There is so much evil in our world that reporting of it dominates our lives, yet there are countless real miracles that defy reason within our limited knowledge. Gathering among Christians sharing accounts of these blessings brings hope in the face of much persecution in many countries. Amazingly the fastest growing Christian communities are in the poorest countries, which is a rebuke to all in the “luckier” ones.

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