Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 6th April 2018

It was wonderful to see a great congregation of smiling faces on Easter Day, as locals and visitors alike gathered to sing praises to the Risen Christ and exchange his greeting “Peace be with you”.

A small group had kept the Maundy Thursday traditional remembrance of the Passover in preceding the Last Supper by humbly and obediently washing each other’s feet to Jesus’ example.  After communion, as Rev. Denis read the liturgy of the Passion the altar and chancel were stripped of all adornments, and in total silence the lights were extinguished as people left the solemn scene.

On Good Friday the Ecumenical (inter-denominational) service at the Grain Shed was followed by walking the “Way of the Cross”,  then sharing hot cross buns for morning tea.

Saturday, Easter Eve, was a day of remembering the bewilderment and desolation  of Jesus’ closest friends, in fear that they too would be rounded up and punished for their three year association with his ministry.

At daybreak on Easter Day people gathered in darkness at the boat ramp in Nyah West to light the fire of Christ’s resurrection, then to return to their local churches to share the joy of the greatest celebration.

In today’s world many of the so called ‘poorer countries’ are seeing a growing number of people taking up the  message of the Gospels, yet in the last Australian Census only 30 % of people claimed to be Christian.

Easter has become just a holiday, rather than a Holy Day.

Technology has many blessings, and on our devices provides an increasing number of APPS. Well-known Father Bob, a missionary priest to Melbourne’s streets and lanes, pronounced on Easter Day that “Jesus is God’s  app!” ( and it’s free to those who accept the risen Christ.)

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