Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 9th March 2018

Last Friday the World Day of Prayer service was well attended, much appreciated, and produced $470.00 towards the “Kids at Risk “ project. Thanks to everyone who participated from the four local congregations, especially the Uniting Church people, who had such a busy weekend for their church’s milestone anniversary, but made time to attend.

This Sunday the newly elected Bishop of Bendigo, Bp. Matt Brain, will visit the Parish of Swan Hill.

He will preside at the Eucharist and preach, and It will be great to meet him so soon after his installation ( 17th February.) There will be one parish service at 9.30 am and hopefully the Bishop will see a vibrant congregation earnestly praying for a new Rector. Bp. Matt is a young father of five children, so it would be wonderful if he has a friend of similar status ( “ in the business as the Lord’s Shepherd “) whom he could encourage to be our new Rector!

Ultima Eucharist 7.30 pm tonight at Wayne and Lois’s home.

Music practice in the church at 11.15 am tomorrow after Morning Prayer  service. 10.30 am at Alcheringa. Anyone is welcome to come in and sing along or just sit and listen as the songs and hymns for Sunday are rehearsed.

The fourth Sunday in Lent is traditionally observed as “Refreshment Sunday”, a mid- Lent break from austerity, also celebrated as “Mothering Sunday” , when  Anglicans honour all mothers, and our Mother Church. Mothers often wear a white flower as a remembrance of their own mother.

As for flowers in church on Sundays during Lent, count up the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day and realise that Sundays aren’t included, as all Sundays are celebrations of Jesus’ Resurrection, so flowers are fine.

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