Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 23rd March 2018

Encouraging to realise that nine families were represented at Café Church last Sunday from 5.00 to 7.00 pm. Using the Flood story from the Book of Genesis, much laughter resulted from the enactment of the relief of Noah and his three sons when they finally set foot on land  after forty days and nights of rain. The rainbow was affirmed as God’s promise to the survivors that never again would the whole earth be flooded. The craft activity was the creation of “rainbow reflectors” for the garden, and for tea: pizzas with salad, and ice cream

Ron’s team for the Boot Sale and Garage Sale again excelled themselves on Saturday by achieving the legendary four figure target. Well done, also for the deserved recognition of Helen Gell, nominated by BPW as one of the team to run with the torch for the Commonwealth Games, for her strong presence in community projects, and for similar dedication to the Anglican parish of Swan Hill.

Next Friday’s calendar will shock with the arrival of March, the season of Autumn, and the annual World Day of Prayer. The service has been prepared by the women of the South American state of Suriname, and in Swan Hill this year it will be celebrated in the Anglican Church at 10.00 am with the theme : “All God’s Creation is Very Good.” The offering will follow a short video of the 2018 project, “ Kids at Risk”, showing the diverse programs being undertaken for the children in this small multicultural country. The readers will be members of the Uniting, Catholic, Anglican and Churches of Christ.

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