Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 9th February 2018

This year the Anglican church will host the World Day of Prayer on Friday 2nd  March at 10.00 am.  There will be a preliminary meeting in St Mary’s parish hall on Tuesday 13th  February at 1.30 pm. Three representatives from each of the four churches involved:  Anglican, Catholic, Uniting and Church of Christ, will be allocated parts to read in the prepared service, so attendance is important.

On Friday February 23rd at 10.00 am  there will be a rehearsal in the Anglican Church to ensure that the half hour service runs smoothly on the following Friday, 2nd March. A simple morning tea will follow as Lent is being observed.

Annual reports are now overdue as all need to be assembled ready for distribution a week before the Parish AGM ………….

Please return them as soon as possible. The music group report has already been filed, and any who wish to join in the weekly practices; please note that during the extremely hot weather, practice will be changed from Thursdays at 4.00pm to Saturdays at 11.00 am. Extra musicians and singers always warmly welcome at this time.

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