Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 12th January 2018

With Easter buns already in the supermarket it is almost tempting to head this piece  “ Only 50 weeks to Christmas “!  Fortunately for our peace of mind the calendar of the Christian Church moves  quietly through its seasons and festival days.  These are reflected in the colours worn by the priest and on the altar: White for the season of the weeks of Easter and Christmas, Red for the Martyrs of the faith on name days of the Saints, Violet for times of preparation as in Advent and Lent leading to Christmas and Easter,  and Green for the periods between which signify new growth in the spiritual life.

The colour will be green for the next four Sundays, then Ash Wednesday, heralded by Shrove Tuesday ( Pancake Day) brings in the colour violet for the six weeks of Lent.

Next Sunday being the second of the month, Fr Gary Fordham will be the celebrant and preacher at the 9.30am service. Please note, 11.00 am services only occur on the fifth Sunday of a month for the whole parish at various centres.

Always pick up a pew bulletin from the porch any morning during the week to keep up with dates and coming events.

Mid week services will resume in February, also Café Church on the third Sunday at 5.00 pm, and Lenten bible studies on Wednesdays. We welcome the return of Rev Denis and Helen from a restful time away.  Denis will celebrate the Eucharist at Alcheringa tomorrow at 10.30 am.

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