Finding Jesus

Wednesday evening just before I went home I saw Jesus.  He was standing by the gate at the back of the church that opens into our atrium fernery.


I really didn’t know what to do.  Who has left him out there?  Who knows about him?  I had to rush and get ready for the Ash Wednesday service but he has been on my mind ever since.  It looks to me as if someone thought he might find a home in our beautiful fernery Memorial Garden. When I came to church Friday morning I brought him in.  He was caught up in cobwebs and bits of grass and leaves, so he must have been standing waiting for some time.  He is a bit battered, but it would be easy to touch up his paintwork.  I popped him by a column at the back of the fernery and he is looking much more comfortable there.


He is a very Catholic looking Jesus.   I think I will take him along with me to the minister’s meeting Tuesday week just in case anyone has pilfered him from another place.  And this Tuesday I should bring him up at Parish Council.  I guess the point is: ‘Will this representation of Jesus add to or distract from the worship of the people who use the Memorial Garden for prayer?    We certainly can’t just leave him standing by himself at the back gate forever.  If he isn’t welcome in the fernery, I can always take him home to the rectory.

Pancake Grace

Don’t forget our pancake meal, 6pm in the Parish Function Centre, Christ Church, Swan Hill.

O God we thank you for pancakes;
their richness and flavour,
and the way they combine so well with the lemon and sugar, and the jam and cream.
We thank you for the aroma of frying and the skill of the cooks, in the art of the perfect pancake.
Let us enjoy them to the full today.  Let them prepare us for the challenge ahead.  Amen.


During the past few months I have seen eagles everywhere I travelled, bringing to mind that verse;

Isaiah 40.31:

but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint.

So it was wonderful to walk into Christ Church Swan Hill on Tuesday and see the beautiful brass eagle lectern there to welcome me.


Unfortunately I am not tall enough to do more than peer over it.  There is a step I could use, but I am told it is a health hazzard and everyone trips over it.  I am really not sure quite what to do.  I might have to leave that lectern for taller readers, and use something that is more suitable to my height.  I will probably wear the lapel mike and steer clear of the lectern.