Flag and Flagpole blessing

This is the prayer Rev’d Robyn Davis used for blessing the flag and flagpole at Swan Hill Hospital on Thursday 20th March 2-14.
God of holy Dreaming, Great Creator Spirit,
from the dawn of creation you have given your children the good things of Mother Earth.
You spoke and the gum tree grew.
In the vast deserts and dense forest, and in towns at the water’s edge creation sings your praise.
Your presence endures as the rock at the heart of our land.
Give us all the courage to accept the realities of our history so that we may build a better future for our nation and our community.
Help us to respect all cultures. Help us to care for our land and waters.
Help us to share justly the resources of this ancient land.
We ask your blessing now upon this flagpole and upon this flag shich is a symbol of pride for our people.
 We ask that it hold special meaning to all those who gaze upon it, that they have eyes to see and hearts open to the true meaning of reconciliation. That we all show courage and respect as we journey together.
We ask your blessing on each and everyone of us, Lord as we stand upon this ancient ground,
Bring peace to all of us, protect us from harm, help us to be strong in body and mind,
Strengthen us in all difficulties and help us to show love and understanding to our fellow man.
We thank you for the many blessings you have given each of us,
 may they rest upon us until we meet again.
In the name of Jesus.  Amen.
Bishop Arthur Malcolm/Revd Lenore Parker/Revd Robyn Davis

Swan Hill District Health Flag Raising

I am just back from the ???????????????????????????????Flag Raising Ceremony at SHDH.








The Reverend Robyn Davis blessed the Aborigional flag and the flagpole before it was raised, with a lovely prayer which I will publish later.


We were entertained by dancers …..


and a Didgeridoo player from the Marruk project


The Hospital Board Member who spoke had some difficulty trying to pronounce indigenous names.  Official host Debra Chaplin, the Swan Hill District Health Aboriginal hospital liaison  helped with the correct pronunciation.


The railing near the flag poles was beautifully decorated with Illyarrie (Red Cap Gum)

And here is a link to The Guardian’s coverage.



Finding Jesus (Continued)

Jesus 2I took Jesus to Parish Council last Tuesday evening to see if anyone there could help solve the mystery of his appearance outside the gate of the Memorial Garden on Ash Wednesday.  One member was very sure that he belonged in the big cupboard.  He was a part of a set of statues of Jesus at various stages in his life included with a Nativity Set.  However that didn’t explain why I had found him out of the cupboard and standing at the gate.

Not knowing the whereabouts of the big cupboard, I checked with the Midweek Eucharist ladies who were pretty sure, in their considerable experience , that he wasn’t part of the nativity set in the cupboard.  Nevertheless someone said quite firmly they thought he belonged back in the cupboard.  This comment set of  murmurs of ‘Oh No!’ from the many of the congregation and a discussion of the Second Commandment.  One lady with artistic ability offered to touch up his chipped paintwork if we did find a place for him.

Our Parish Secretary said that he had first appeared at the back door of the Parish Function Centre, possibly a donation for the monthly  Car Boot Sale. Someone had moved him to the back gate of the fernery where he was less likely to be knocked over and broken.

When I got to Christ Church Sunday Morning he had been removed from the sound system box where I had stood him on Wednesday and he was standing forlornly by the rubbish bin in the vestry.

Tomorrow is my first Minister’s Fellowship Meeting so I will take him along.  It will actually be held at St Mary’s, the Catholic Church, so there may be someone there who can shed some light on his origins or offer him a more permanent residence.  He should provide us with an interesting topic of conversation…….as usual.

Last Friday the World Day of Prayer service, hosted this year by the Salvation Army church, was well attended and very informative.

The guest speaker was Brian Peters of the Salvation Army, who spoke on the theme “Streams of Living Water,” chosen by the women of Egypt.


Four women representing four stages of the lives of Egyptian women over the centuries to the present day described their lifestyles.

Special prayers were offered for today’s women of Egypt and their families as we hear about the violence in their part of the world.

Next year’s program will be prepared by the women of the Bahamas, and hosted by the Roman Catholic churches.

The accompanying photo shows L. to R.,  Jocelyn Ingram,  Brian Peters, and Joan Mellahn from the Anglican Church ( in costume.)

Submitted by Joan Mellahn, photo by Rev’d  Jan Harper, Anglican Church.

Pancake Night in Swan Hill

Hundreds of pancakes cooked on the barbecues with rain pouring down (NOT THE USUAL FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR) with the nearby Memorial   Garden in the background.


This WAS what faced the hospitality students from Swan Hill Secondary College. Their teacher, Mrs Kylie Gardiner involves the students in real situations as part of their assessment.

This year 8 students prepared food and fed well over one hundred people two courses of pancakes topped with meat and white sauce. A second course of pancakes with maple syrup, raspberry topping, ice cream and fruit – Delicious!!


Our newly appointed priest, Rev. Jan Harper welcomed everyone and said grace to begin and at the conclusion thanked everyone for their attendance and particularly Mrs Gardner and her students. They were presented with a small gift and a donation towards their trip to Melbourne Market later in the year.

A fun family gathering – good food and good fellowship.

Marg Crilly

Rector’s Warden.