Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 28th September 2018

Welcome to all school holiday visitors enjoying the spring sunshine with the locals.

We are looking forward to the return of Rev Denis and Helen this weekend after a lovely time of R & R with family in the UK.

It was also good to see  Murray back with us last Sunday, ready to rejoin the music group on Show weekend.

This Sunday there will be just the one service for the Parish, which will be at 11.00 am in the lovely little church at the Pioneer Settlement.

John will meet parishioners from 10.30 am in the Settlement entrance with wrist bands to admit us free of charge.


The service will be Morning Prayer  with “ Golden Oldie “  hymns, and it would add to the occasion if people would like to wear items of costume ( early 20th Century.)

The Paragon Cafe will welcome us as customers for our lunch. Everyone is welcome , it is non denominational.

It would be great to see grandparents with children on school holidays.

Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 21st September 2018

Last Sunday’s Café Church found a roomful of assorted AFL and local footy team supporters in their colours for the team- oriented activities.

Peter and Jeannette  drew a great response to the new choruses introduced, and the meal was a traditional Footy menu of pies and chips. There was a challenge to place names of characters from the bible on the whiteboard to set up an all- star footy team.

Some hilarious choices made sense when explained in terms of their suitability. There was a mix of both male and female across the positions on the field,  and of course the coach was Jesus. Peter spoke of the biblical parallels of encouraging team-mates and shepherding.

The Baptism of Nate earlier in the day was a special occasion, and it was lovely to welcome the four generations of the family to the Eucharist and then morning tea with a special cake, and a gift from the Mothers’ Union.

The letter of James has been the theme of the sermons this month and will continue through to mid-October.

Remember that Sunday 30th September, being a fifth Sunday, there will be one parish service, which will be in the Pioneer Settlement church at 11.00 am. We are encouraged to come in costume to set the scene and maybe encourage visitors to join in with us.  For those who wish to stay on, lunch can be purchased in the Paragon Café.

Trivia note : The strong winds over the last few days have been known as  the “Equinoxial Gales” , coinciding with the equinox on September 21/22, when the hours of daylight and dark are the same length.

Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 14th September 2018

Footy Fever is over for many now, and spring weather is here to be enjoyed in the big outdoors.  The BBQ will be on tomorrow outside the Anglican Function Centre during the monthly Boot and Cottage Crafts Sale.  Set up is from 2.00 pm today, and pack up after midday Saturday, new helpers always much appreciated and bring your friends along to find a bargain on Saturday.

During September there is the “Go for Gold “ mission project, where people are invited to place gold coins on the gold ribbons along the front pews to raise money for Anglican Board of Mission. There is still also “Elijah’s Jar” inside the front door for small change donations for a project in India. Our prayers have been requested by John Steele for God’s desired result from the elections in India in 2019.

Our new Rector Peter will on Sunday baptise a child into the kingdom of the Family of God at the 9.30 am service.

Later, at 5:00pm in the Function Centre, Jeannette will be bringing some new and exciting songs to Café Church.  Everyone is welcome.

Next Wednesday after the 11.00 am service the Mothers ’ Union will meet in the function centre for a cuppa and meeting.

Later it will be BYO lunch to “WAGS”, the Wednesday activity for anyone interested in having a laugh and a chat, playing cards or board games, knitting or reading magazines. All is provided, including tea and coffee, for a $2.00 coin in the tin. Everyone welcome.

Please note on September 30 our main service will be at the Pioneer Settlement Chapel at 11:00am

Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 7th September 2018

Last Sunday we welcomed visitors from Mildura to the 9.30am service.  It was good to hear the singing from the congregation in the absence of three of our four in the music group.  Great to have Jeannette giving a strong lead from the “Front Stalls “, much appreciated.  New musicians and singers are always welcome to join for practice at 4.00pm each Thursday.

Our Rector Peter began his six week study on the epistle of James, and encouraged us to read this short ( four chapter) letter during the coming weeks.

Tonight there will be the Ultima Evening Fellowship at 7.30 pm at Wayne and Lois Pryor’s home.

Tomorrow the fortnightly Anglican service at Alcheringa is at 10.30 am and residents’ visitors are always welcome to join them there.

On Sunday there will be a 9.30 am service at Nyah West in addition to the usual 9.30 am Eucharist in Swan Hill.  From 9.20 am come and sing the pre-service ‘warm-ups’ to prepare for worship.

On Sunday 16th at 5.00pm join the regulars at Café Church in the Function Centre, all welcome.

In May 2019  the Bush Church Aid ministry will celebrate 100 years of service in rural and isolated communities.  Plans are underway to make special recognition of this centenary and its wonderful servants of the Lord.

Orders are being taken for the lovely church calendars for 2019, the list is in the porch.

For this month, having five Sundays, we will have the one service for the Parish on Sunday 30th at the Pioneer Settlement church.  Add it to the diary, also ahead on Sunday 28th October there will be the charity concert and music scholarship awards

Around Swan Hill Parish – Friday 31st August 2018

Lovely to see the children at work making Fathers’ Day cards.  Do the kids also learn about Jesus teaching his followers to talk to their Father in heaven, i.e. pray?  Thanks to all Chaplains and teachers of Christian Education in our schools who bring his words of unselfish love and care.

There’s a handy saying for someone distracted by outside things causing worry.  It’s to say to the peace –breakers,  “ Go away and don’t interrupt me just now, I’m talking to my Father.”  A good prayer this weekend would be for all those who have lost a father, especially young children, or are experiencing separation  from parents of either gender.

As we begin the new month, our Rector Peter will be teaching from the letter of James, whose note to the followers was definite in his statement that Faith without Works is empty.

Not enough to eat? Don’t say “Poor things.”  Ensure that they will have food, with your practical help and prayers.  The Good Samaritan was the perfect illustration of good works when people of “Faith” walked on.  Australians in the main are generous, but there is much to be addressed by the incoming Government.