PAUSED – All Church Services and Groups (updated)

Dear friends,

Things are developing so much faster than we imagined.

In accordance with the National Cabinet decision last night, we are pausing all church services and group activities of the church, effective from midday today, Monday March 23rd and until further notice.

 Unfortunately under the latest legislation we cannot provide access to the church building for individual private prayer either. We encourage folk to find a quiet space in your local park, your garden or even inside your home, to pray and meditate on God’s word.

Lenten Study questions will be delivered each week (until Easter) to those who have been attending.

If you have internet access, a Diocesan Church Service will be available form this Sunday, 29th March. Initially it will be available via a link from the Diocesan webpage ( and on a video streaming site. (More details as they come)

If you DON’T have internet access, staff in Bendigo are working towards having these services burnt to DVD and distributed. This may take a week or two to implement but we are mindful of many people who will be more comfortable with a TV and DVD player in terms of technology.

Bishop Matt has reminded us of Jesus words in Matthew chapter 6 about worry. Jesus asks us to consider the sparrows and Lilies and how God looks after them, he will look after us who are of much more value.

Yours Sincerely, Rev. Peter Blundell


LENTEN STUDIES, Evening group also running

Commencing Wednesday 4th March, come along to an opportunity to explore some of the characteristics of God. The six sessions on each Wednesday of lent are independent of each other but all on the theme of ‘what is God like?’ This year there is no cost as we are not using a book. There will be a handout with the questions each week.

The times and venues are:

  • 11:15am at Swan Hill in the foyer of the Parish Function Centre (46 Splatt St)
  • 3:30pm at Nyah West at the Uniting Church
  • Monday 7:30pm at the Rectory (ph 0427694720 for directions)


Dear Friends,

My Dad loved maps. He had a cupboard full. Maps can help you find places. Maps are not always printed or in digital form in our electronic devices. Some maps are in our head. They are the ones with all sorts of delightful details like turn left after the second creek crossing then cross four cattle grids and at the fork go left past the bottle tree and there you are.

The wise men were trying to find Jesus. They used a particular star and some verbal advise to find him. Some churches at this time of year put on their billboard – “Wise men still seek Him”.

If you were not a Christian, where would you look for Jesus? How would you know the way? If your answer is, ‘Come to Church’, then what do we have that will be like a map to show the way? We have our lives, our words and actions, that will show others the road that we have taken to Jesus. We need to let others see our lives so that it can be a map for them.

May God use each one of us to be a blessing to others in 2020. Happy New Year.

Peter Blundell (Rector)